Tuesday, 1 November 2011

News of the world

News of the world is an international newspaper. The topics in the newspaper were manly about celebrity scoops.  Moreover the newspaper is famous for their methods of getting the information they needed. Actually, the reason why they in 2011 had to stop publishing the newspaper is because of that. 10/7 2011 was the last day the newspaper was published. They went way too far to get information, for instance they hacked phones and eavesdropped phone-calls and voicemails.

Over the years there have been a lot of scandals with News of the world, They have hacked into over 4000 phones. To begin with, in 2005 an d 2006 they hacked into phones to the British royalties. Not only did they hack into phones to the royalties, but also politicians. What is worse is that they hacked into phones to dead people that had for instance been in accidents like that attack 7/7. They did this, just to get the juiciest details.  

Yet, maybe the biggest scandal of all, was the hacking into Milly Dowlers phone. She was a thirteen year old girl, who went missing in 2002, and later found murdered. In 2011 it turned out that News of the world had hacked into her cellphone, listened and deleted voicemails, which were important evidence in the trial against the murder. Because they deleted messages, new messages came into her cellphone. The police found out that there were activity on the phone, that gave the parents to the girl a hope of her still being alive.

The journalists in newspapers do whatever they can to get the information they want. They do immoral stuff just so that the newspaper will sell. They are all about the money, and they often really do not care about the persons they are writing about as long as the story is good. I think it is absurd that sex scandals etc. sells better than important news, that are not made up by journalists. 

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  1. I agree with you. The press plays an important role in informing the public. Sometimes they confuse the issues of presenting the news and making the news! Seems like they did a pretty bad job here!