Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A year with international English

 I think this year has been great! In the English class we have done much fun varied work. We have watched many movies, read interesting books and learned about inspiring people. Moreover I am also very happy that we wrote a blog during the year, because I got so good writing experience by doing it.
What I wish we would have done more is oral tasks, perhaps more class-discussions. Besides that, I am really satisfied with this year!

Why we should allow the use of internet when testing

I am now done with my exam, and will therefore share my experiences with using the internet. As I already foreseen, my use of internet was minimal. I used it to read my blog mostly. However I also used it to expand my vocabulary. On the other hand, if I got another chance I might use the internet more. The reason why is because, when I hear what the other students used the internet for, it seems so smart. Many of them used it well; therefore I have much to learn from them. As a conclusion I will try to use the internet better the next time.